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Bob started surfing in Santa Cruz, California in 1964. Within a few years he was shaping boards for himself and friends. In 1973 Bob moved to Australia for a few years and then to Hawaii. In 1976 Bob moved back to Santa Cruz, opened Arrow Surf & Sport and Arrow Surf products (the factory) and was surfing the Pro Circuit. In 1976 Bob was rated the #2 pro surfer in the mainland United States.

Today Arrow surfboards is recognized as one of the most popular surfboard brand names in the world. Bob has moved into a new 5000 sq. ft factory to handle the ever increasing international demand for Arrow boards while servicing existing customers in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States. The factory employs over 25 expert and specialized craftsman to produce the finest quality hand-drafted surfboards. The factory produces boards of all shapes sizes and styles from short boards, long boards, eggs, guns, paddleboards, tandem boards and tow-in boards. The various designs come from years of surfing experience, feedback from one of the biggest surf teams in the world, and extensive research an development. Over the past 30 years Bob has built boards for many of the top rated surfers in the world. Names like Tom Curren, Cheyne Horan, Bryce Ellis, Tony ray, Glen Winton, Flea, Barney, Jay Moriarty, Cj Nelson, Josh Mohr, Kevin Reed, ect, ect.

The Arrow Factory also has a new state of the art computer Milling machine that utilizes high tech software and hardware to produce exact copies of models and preferred programmed designs, and to meet the ever growing demand for the finest boards in the world.


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